by Danny Walsh Banned

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    Debut album from Danny Walsh Banned. Recorded by Nao Anzai and released in Feb 2013.
    Packaged in gatefold case, with artwork by Tim Molloy and photography by Kate Seabrook.

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All songs by Danny Walsh, except ‘Ed and Tumbleweed’ and ‘Page 29’ by Adam Redfern/Danny Walsh and ‘The Things We Dare Not Tell’ words from the Henry Lawson poem.

Produced by Danny Walsh and Nao Anzai
Recorded on tape by Nao Anzai at Soundpark Studio, Reel 2 Real Mix Master and at Danny’s joint
Mastered by Nao Anzai at Reel 2 Real Mix Master.

artwork by Tim Molly
photos by Kate Seabrook


released February 1, 2013

Banned for life:
Johnny Livewire: plays bass on all, banjo on 1, some guitar on 5 & 8 and backing vocals on most
Dave Mudie: plays drums on all
Adam Redfern: plays lead guitar on all
Danny Walsh: sings on all, plays acoustic & electric guitars, harmonica, acoustic & electric mandolin, piano on 3, assorted percussion including that shaker made from llama toenails, the ‘Sherremin’ and made some field recordings.

Banned aids:
Lucy Dwyer: sings her heart out on 7, backing vocals on 1, 10. Kat Mear: fiddle on 1, 3, 9, 10. Ben Franz: pedal steel on 3, 4, 7, 9. Leo Tellefson: piano on 4, 5, 10, backing vocals on 10. Van Walker: backing vocals on 1, 6, 10. Liz Stringer: backing vocals on 6, 10 Nao: Hammond on 6, Moog on 8, cabasa on 1, 10. Greg Foletta: trumpet on 2, 9. Giuliano Ferla: trombone on 2, 9. Tom McCathie: didgeridoo & bird calls on 9. Alicia Bendall: piano on 2. Jeremy Furze: congas on 9, backing vocals on 10. Ant Webb: sitar on 9, backing vocals on 10. Also singing along on 10 are Emma Peel, Julia Walsh and Robbie Raats and track includes live in the Litchfield Hall: Weed, Wattsy, Stevie B, Steve, Terry, Gary and a hall of floor stompers.



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Danny Walsh Banned Melbourne, Australia

The Danny Walsh Banned have a reputation for performing unmissable live shows reminiscent of Joe Cocker and Leon Russell’s infamous ‘Mad Dogs and Englishmen’ tour of the 1970’s with a heavy dose of vintage Aussie boogie thrown in for good measure. Now, the Banned have captured their high powered and spontaneous blend of rock’n’roll in their second album, 'The Dirt and the Sky' ... more


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“Well there ain’t no hobo sitting here, I’m a tramp hey-o!
I was riding freight trains longer than anyone I know
26 years on the tracks, now 32 on the streets
And I ain’t even heard of Kerouac and the Beats”
“Back in the Depression they rode in the ‘crummy’
Once I even had the pleasure to meet Boxcar Willie
Thanks for your change son, on The Strip here there’s no glory
But tell me about yourself Aussie guy and I’ll tell you my story”
Well sometimes you’re heading off the rails and you can’t look back
But the signals at the stations show you’re on the right track
Yeah we all wanna break free, but your troubles won’t stay behind
And the journey, ain’t so bad, with a friend, next to you you’ll find
“When we rode all the way to Mexico we’d buy a kilo of tea
Wasn’t there for my rail dog when he died, but he was always there for me
When the houses in San Fran started going for a lot more then they’re worth
I’d just go that rail yard and caught the next train smoking north!”
“Hey here comes my pal Tumbleweed, well he’s like brother to me
I impart wisdom on him while he provides good company
He once fell off a rattler, with his buddy up near Fresno
Haa I taught him a lot of things, but not everything I know!”
Shiny shoes stumbling past carrying folks sticking on us labels
The dollar beers we drink outside meant to keep ‘em in there at the tables
This city flickers with the neon glow of many a false hero
But none shine like the true stars in the gutter outside Denny’s Casino
“Like the back of my hand is the West Coast from Redwoods down to San Diego
In any yard could tell you which train was leaving when and where it’s gonna go
Pal, in the morning let’s up and leave this sleepless town...”
(and for a moment I was off with Ed and Tumbleweed…
but then my own story had me…tied down…)
Well sometimes you’re heading off the rails and you can’t look back
But the signals at the stations show you’re on the right track
Yeah we all wanna break free, but your troubles won’t stay behind
And the journey, ain’t so bad,
No the journey, ain’t so bad
Yes the journey, ain’t so bad
with a friend, next to you you’ll find
Now that I’ve crossed hindsight
with a different point of view
I’ll say it again I’ve never
been lost for something to do
Oh yeah Twain said it’d be the worst kind
if I wasn’t happy spending time
with Pat Malone and I
Stride the heavy streets at night
the green man leads the way
The list fading on the back of my hand
to be left for another day
Stop to smell the roses every time
the wilted one in the gutter’s mine
Yeah for Pat Malone and I
Take the window seat if I can
daydreams easily distract
I like to take it out over the edge
And hope to hell that it all comes back
Well I don’t travel light
never been in a fight
taking my time
like a trilobite
For Pat Malone & I
Yeah for Pat Malone & I
The Texas wind was chilling, when I admitted I was lost
Prepared to spend night with the stars and the morning with the frost
Dismounting big ol’ Razor, next to this bed of ground
The peaceful ‘eve was broken by a nearing stranger’s sound
Came o’er the hill a lone rider, mounted tall and grand
He said ‘Son what brings you down here to this God forsaken land’
I said ‘I’m on my way to no good and likely even worse’
But if he’d give directions, he could take this heavy purse
In a land where laws were lead-based wounds, this was a fair man’s deal
For he would send me on my way, keeping coin for his next meal
But before our done transaction, there was something first he needed
For a man who lives in nature knows, that when it calls you heed it
The gentleman dismounted and his new boots took my eye
Snakeskin top and Cuban heels, brand new spurs gleam either side
He excused himself politely, and went and found a ponderosa pine
While I turned west to see the sun’s last rays greet the old stars, oh how they shine!
Suddenly there was a scream, had this man met a rattler's bite?
But then I turned around to see him shoot up into sky and disappear right out of sight!
I swear on 1000 bibles, I believe just what I see and hear
and looking up into the sky where he went, I saw a brand new star appear
So remember boys when you're riding and the sunset greets the night
And one of life's little challenges, has kept you from your plight
Look up for the tall grand rider in the sky and heed his vital lesson
Don't get lost in Texas boys...and don't squat with your spurs on
Track Name: PAGE 29
She drove round the bend
Just like he would have thought
a strange kind of symmetry
keeps their bridge taut
he looked into the sun
blinded but no mistake
she puts it into third
and does a double take
coz when you build a freeway
you’re gonna get a traffic jam
everything at once
forget about a plan
stop for a second
and understand
that we’ve been here before
we live years of time
on page 29
you know when it’s meant to be
you know when your cheque’s
from a drive-through he picks flowers
from a bottle she picks the label
And on the edge of the night
we’re all standing on a table
Well his jaw moves slowly
but her eyes won’t meet
Words fall apart
now there’s letters at your feet
Arrange them as you please
but it still won’t read
What you mean to me
Half a moon above
With two stars
Smiling through the clouds
And straight through the glass
Well it’s easy
Easy to miss
What you’re not looking for
Now see this
well she’s looking out the window
to the nearing city glow
a siren comes towards
with a howling baritone
a shuddering reflection
then she’s sitting on her own
while our train keeps rolling on
our train keeps rolling on
our train keeps rolling on
Track Name: BUSKER KID
Well his third girlfriend left him before he was nine
and kids out in the school yard gave him a really hard time
only one thing to do for a lost young soul
is to pick up a six string and play rock n roll
eyes shut, lean back, turn the volume up, busker kid
sold his bike on ebay, went and bought an amp and guitar
he sat and learnt to play from George Kamikawa
was told that to get anywhere takes struggle, hard work
he sold his soul to the devil down at Swanston and Bourke
long hair, people stare, he don’t care, busker kid
people drawn in to the sounds
forget their shopping lists and half price mark downs
he’ll make them happy he knows that he can
as he jams along to the beat of the tram
Long hot dry summer down at the corner always straight after school
while the other kids put stamps in albums and go swimming down at the pool
folks walking by stop and sit on the benches
and give him silver leftovers of shopping adventures
hot riffs, fat licks, busted picks, busker kid
Now his folks are getting worried that it’s more than a fad
‘is this what you want to do with your life’ said his dad
he says’ I’m gonna travel the world, I’m gonna see all the sights
and maybe one day my name will be in lights’
hoodoo voodoo, boogie chillun, busker chile
hot riffs, fat licks, busted picks, busker kid
long hair, people stare, but he don’t care, the busker kid
eyes shut, lean back, turn the volume up, busker kid
Did I tell you about the man out there?
flying without a net
allowing for the wind
he ain’t learned to fall yet
Somethin’s gotta give…
Chase the moth from the light
ooh handle with care
you get silver lined fingertips
touch things Midas wouldn’t dare
Somethin’s gotta give…
You’re in the headlights man
your teeth wearing to the floor
thin as Bible paper
even your cereal ain’t good for you any more
Somethin‘s gotta give…
A toxic plume above
a blistered heart within
rising damp from below
and an itch under the skin
Somethin’s gotta give…
Chose your own adventure darling
but remember rule of thumb
let’s go and see a movie now
and stay until all the credits are done
Somethin’s gotta give…
Ain’t no world for a plastic man
No one here for a plastic man
Shed no tear for the plastic man
Coz he can’t weep for noone
He’ll steal yer heart right from ya chest
You’re thinking oh that he knows best
But Plastic man won’t get no rest
‘Til he got satisfaction
Simple pleasures for the plastic man
But this complicate yer life god damn
Ever good times with the plastic man
But it won’t be forever
Nothin’ left to lose for the plastic man
Everyone to use for ol’ plastic man
You’re life confused by Mr. Plastic Man
And don’t expect nothing from him
Everybody loves the plastic man
But no one's close to the plastic man
He’ll drift through life like an empty can
Rolling in the gutter...
The fields are fair in autumn yet, and the sun's still shining there,
But we bow our heads and we brood and fret, because of the masks we wear;
Or we nod and smile the social while, and we say we're doing well,
But we break our hearts, oh, we break our hearts! for the things we must not tell.
There's the old love wronged ere the new was won, there's the light of long ago;
There's the cruel lie that we suffer for, and the public must not know.
So we go through life with a ghastly mask, and we're doing fairly well,
While they break our hearts, oh, they kill our hearts! do the things we must not tell.
We see but pride in a selfish breast, while a heart is breaking there;
Oh, the world would be such a kindly world if all men's hearts lay bare!
We live and share the living lie, we are doing very well,
While they eat our hearts as the years go by, do the things we dare not tell.
We bow us down to a dusty shrine, or a temple in the East,
Or we stand and drink to the world-old creed, with the coffins at the feast;
We fight it down, and we live it down, or we bear it bravely well,
But the best men die of a broken heart for the things they cannot tell.
Night comes every day
Night brings blues out to play
Night comes, light fades away
Night comes, and wants to stay
Inside, so forlorn
Outside, a thread of dawn
Search in, shadows undefined
Preying, right on my mind!
Listen, sounds of the night
Tap drip, clock tick, loud cat fight
Snake-holes through glassy eyes
Windows, to darker skies!
Night comes every day
Night brings blues out to play
Night comes, light fades away
Night comes every day
and the journey ain't so bad with a friend next to you, you'll find...
see ya!